Last update: 15.10.2004


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Legislation for employee ownership in Belgium

During a long time, Belgium had no adequate legislation. Since January 1, 2002, a new adequate legislation for employee share ownership is now in force:
New legislation adopted by Belgian Parliament unanimously in plenary session on 29 March 2001:
Preparatory report ("Report De Grauwe") in PDF in 't Nederlands
Preparatory report ("Report De Grauwe") in PDF in English
Text adopted in plenary session on 29.3.2001
Minutes of the plenary session on 29.3.2001
Text adopted by the Commission of Finances of the Parliament on 23.3.2001

Official publication of the law
Practical measures 1
Practical measures 2
Practical measures 3
In English: THE NEW BELGIAN EO LAW (3 pages presentation in English in PDF)