Update: 31.3.2016



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The Employee Shareholders Association of ING wishes the conditions could be soon back for employee share ownership to get a new start in the Group.

The Employee Shareholders Association of BBL (now ING) was born in 1992. At this time, BBL was a leader company, considering employee share ownership. For a long time, all employees of the bank were encouraged to take part in the capital of the company. They held 8,5% of the shares, being its second major shareholder.

Following its integration to ING Group, employee share ownership felt dramatically along years. The Group had no interest for employee participation in capital. Furthermore, ING used shares with no voting rights, which discouraged participation.

n recent years, the contrast was gripping between ING and the rest of the market. Employee ownership gets general support, it is progressing and its beneficial effects are proven and recognized.

At European level:
Employee ownership is considered as worthwhile for the beneficiaries, as it is practiced in good conditions. It also increases the enterprises performances. It contributes to quality employment and to public health. It is a factor of employment creation and it is recognized by the European Union as an element of its 2020 Strategy. It is also a factor of sustainable development and an element for corporate social responsibility. Countries where employee ownership is the most appreciated are those who have been developing it for a long time and where the good practices had the time to prove their worth. In this way, at European level, we are going to a recognized whole combination of good practices rules.

At Belgian level:
Belgium missed an adapted legislation since a long time. Since the first of January 2002, a legislation allowing the development of employee ownership exists also in Belgium and this development is encouraged by the political authorities.







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